Maharashtra Gram Panchayat Election 2020 Results are out

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  • Maharashtra Gram Panchayat Elections 2020 results are declared yesterday on 18th of January, 2020 which marked the opposition BJP as the single largest party although Shiv Sena-led MVA alliance party scored 2205 seats.
  • Congress bags over 4,000-gram panchayats in Maharashtra; 80%-gram panchayats won by the Maha Vikas Aaghadi. According to the official sources, Shiv Sena won 1446, NCP won 1211 seats, while the congress manages to win 994 seats. MNS, a small party of women workers won 29 seats whereas the independents and others together won 1348 seats. BJP scored 1373 seats in total emerging as the party with the highest votes and seats.
  • Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) ruled by Shiv Sena comprises of Shiv Sena party itself, NCP, as well as Congress. NCP alone has secured 221 seats whereas the Congress party secured 147. On the other hand, compared to these parties MVA-led parties, BJP has secured 266 seats in total emerging as the single largest party to win over such a huge range of seats. This fact was itself declared by the former CM and the present leader to BJP party in Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis.
  • The main takeaway is that the Sena, which had the image of a largely urban party, has enlarged its footprint in rural Maharashtra at the cost of BJP, helped no doubt by the fact that the MVA, headed by a Sena chief minister, is in power in the state. But it lost ground in its traditional turf Konkan to sworn opponent Narayan Rane,who delivered in the region for the BJP.
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  • Maharashtra Gram Panchayat Race vote tallying started at 9 AM on Monday. 14,000-gram panchayats in 34 areas in Maharashtra went to surveys on January 15, in the midst of strict COVID-19 conventions. 14 Thane locale towns have boycotted the gram panchayat decisions requesting to be a portion of the Navi Mumbai Civil Enterprise. There are 27,920-gram panchayats and 36 locales within the state. The gram panchayats are considered the 3rd level of administration.
  • Maharashtra Congress president Balasaheb Thorat claimed that 80 per cent of the seats in Gram Panchayats that went to surveys were won by the constituents of the MVA. This drive to the winning of 4000-gram panchayats for Congress in total.
A polling officer marks a voters’ finger with ink as she casts her vote at a local polling station for the state Assembly elections at Raisar Village of Jaipur District, Rajasthan ,India on Friday, Dec 07,2018.(Photo By Vishal Bhatnagar/NurPhoto via Getty Images) (Photo by Vishal Bhatnagar/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
  • According to the Maharashtra State Election Commissioner UPS Madan, there are 20,000-odd seats where members have already been elected unopposed. At least 14 Thane district villages have boycotted the gram panchayat elections to press for their demand to be a part of the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation.
  • Polling for elections to atop 14,000-gram panchayats among 34 on the aggregate 36 districts of the western administration had made area of Friday. There are 27,920-gram panchayats within Maharashtra. However, over in regard to 20,000-odd seats, individuals bear meanwhile been choice unopposed. At least 14 Thane district villages boycotted the gram panchayat elections in imitation of press because theirs claim after standing a portion of the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation.
  • According to the State Election Commission, the voting for 162-gram panchayats in six talukas of Gadchiroli, a Naxal-hit district, will be held on January 20.
  • About 1.25 lakh candidates regarding Monday rose victorious among the Gram Panchayat elections departed within Maharashtra remaining week, the effect who the ruling claimed a “huge win” while the opposition BJP talked about it had occur abroad stronger.
  • The party panels were deflected by several political parties or local leaders instead of fighting on party symbols.
  • According to the state electoral commission, around 2,41,598 candidates in total were running after reviewing and withdrawing nominations, the rest 26,718 candidates had no rivals, therefore, they were declared unhindered.
  • On December 11th last year, elections were announced for 14,234 grams of panchayats, but some local government agencies held all or part of the elections without opposing candidates. Later the elections got delayed mainly because of the natural calamity of coronavirus.
  • Permission was granted by the state election commission to those people who were suffering from the coronavirus infection or those who are in quarantine to visit the polling booth or state half-an hour before the ending of the poll so that even they can cast their vote.
  • According to a Free Press Journal report, there was a dispute between two groups over voting in Tale Hipparga village in North Solapur taluka. 2 groups hurled stones at each other during the polls in Solapur district. The altercation soon escalated into a brawl, 3 to 4 activists from both groups were injured in the pelting. A dispute broke out between two groups near the polling station in Kusegaon, voters complained about the breakdown of EVMs in Kolhapur and Nashik districts.
  • Polls were boycotted by at least 14 villages with a demand to become the part of the Navi Mumbai Corporation.
  • Even though the entire election process went smoothly there were certain gram panchayats which were cancelled due to the evidences that caught them from auctioning of the posts of the sarpanchs and other members. The poll panel cancelled the election process of these two places namelyUmrane and Khondamali gram panchayats in Nashik and Nandurbar districts, respectively.
  • Gram Panchayat polls witness 79% voter turnout where around 12, 711-gram panchayats got spread across 34 districts in Maharashtra. this information was personally declared by State Election Commissioner UPS Madan. The elections for the rest 14,234 grams panchayats were announced on 11 December 2020.
  • The NCP has won all 3-gram panchayats in Nagpur’s Katol taluka. Anil Deshmukh, Maharashtra Home Minister, represented the Katol Assembly seat. The results for 6 out of the 17 seats have been declared in Nasik’s Sayyed Pimpri gram Panchayat and Congress’ gram Vikas panel won all 6 seats.
  • Below given is a complete list of districts and number of gram panchayats won in each respective district. The lowest number of gram panchayats won by any district is Palghar with 3 seats only whereas the highest number goes to the Nanded district with 1013 seats.
Sl. No.DistrictsDistrict-wise no. of gram panchayats

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