Vidhan Sabah Elections Live Updates Rajasthan

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Rajasthan Legislative Assembly Elections Live Updates:

The Chief Elector Officer of Rajasthan state released the election schedule for the Vidhan Sabah elections to be held on 7th December 2018. The election campaign of all the major parties who are contesting in this battle has come to an end before 48 hours of the polling day. From the current circumstances, it is very clear that the fight is between the BJP and the Indian National Congress party. The previous Government in Rajasthan State was formed by the BJP party in the year 2013. During the 2013 Rajasthan Vidhan Sabah elections, the BJP party won 163 seats out of 200 constituencies and formed the Government.

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Voting Process in Rajasthan:

There are 51,687 polling stations across the Rajasthan State for the 2018 Vidhan Sabah elections, out of these 51,687 polling stations the Chief Electoral Officer of Rajasthan State has arranged 259 polling stations which are managed by the women officials.

Each polling station consists of EVM machines; the voters should cast their vote through the EVM’s. before going to the polling station take your voter card, voter slip if they are not clear then carry any valid identification proof, if the polling is there with you then it is fine otherwise you can collect one at the polling station by showing your voter id card.

Rajasthan Election Live Updates:

1 Number of Polling Stations in Rajasthan State 51,687 Polling Stations
2 Number of Candidates contesting for election 2000
3 Number of Major Parties Contesting 07
4 Ruling Party in Rajasthan BJP Party
5 Total Number of Voters 4,74,79,402
6 Date of Poll in Rajasthan 7th December 2018
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Party Wise Contestants in Rajasthan Elections 2018:

Both the ruling party and the opposition party are contesting in all the 199 constituencies.

S.NO Party Party in short form Party Leader Contesting for 2018 Elections
1 Bharatiya Janata Party BJP Vasundhara Raje 199
2 Indian National Congress INC Sachin Pilot 199
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Party Wise Number of Contestants in Rajasthan Elections 2014:

S.NO Party Party in short form Party Leader 2014 Winning Seats
1 Bharatiya Janata Party BJP Vasundhara Raje 163
2 Indian National Congress INC Sachin Pilot 21

Rajasthan Exit Polls:

The Rajasthan exit poll results will be declared after the voting ends in Rajasthan State. As scheduled by the election commission of Rajasthan State the polling in all the 199 constituencies will be on 7th December.

Rajasthan Election opinion Polls:

As per the leading survey agencies, the Rajasthan election opinion polls are like this, the ruling party BJP is expected to win a maximum of 89 seats whereas the maximum chance of winning for Congress is 145 seats.

Rajasthan Elections Polling Percentage:

The Chief Electoral Officer of Rajasthan State has given strict instructions that there would be no election campaign before the 48 hours of the election. I.e. the election campaign for the 2018 elections ends on 5th December at 04:00 PM. We can expect the election polling percentage by the evening.

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