Upcoming elections 2021 list In India for All States

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  • Upcoming elections list in India includes elections to the Rajya Sabha, elections to state legislative assembly, bye-elections to the Lok Sabha, bye-elections to state legislative assemblies.
  • The listed upcoming election list is based on the recently on-going elections up to the tenure wise state elections in the upcoming years from 2021-2025.
  • As per the table drawn below, Pondicherry and Bihar recently completed their assembly elections with 30 and 243 seats respectively.
  • Bihar was the first big election after the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Although Pondicherry didn’t get affected much, Bihar witnessed a handful of pandemics spread yet both the states managed to complete the polling processes and the result declaration.
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What the sources have got to say?

  • Sources say that after the obliteration of Sections 370 and 35A, the Jammu and Kashmir assembly elections will be held in 2021. According to which there were a total of 111 seats in the assembly. After the formation of Ladakh’s separate union territory, it will reduce by four seats. That means 107 will be left in the J&K assembly.
  • Kerala will go to polls in May 2021 to elect 140 MLAs to the 15th Kerala Legislative Assembly. The battle will be fierce in Kerala for the CPI (M) as it will try to hold on to power, for the Congress as it will attempt to get its ‘turn’ after five years, and for the BJP which will strive to make inroads into the southern state.
  • The Tamil Nadu assembly election is slated to be held on May 2021 for the 234 seats of the Legislative Assembly in the state. This will be the first full-state legislative election without the popular J. Jayalalithaa and M. Karunanidhi. The 2021 election will be keenly contested between the arch rivals AIADMK and DMK.
  • The high-stakes West Bengal assembly elections are likely to be held in May 2021The Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has approved a tie up with the Congress for the upcoming polls. The move is being seen as a “tactical” move to gain some lost ground in a state which the Left ruled for an uninterrupted 34 years. It will be the first electoral contest between the two parties since this year’s Lok Sabha polls, which saw the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) emerging as the main opposition in the state, with 18 of the 42 seats in its kitty, just four less than that of the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC).
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Here is the full list of upcoming elections in the various states:

Sl. No.TenureHouse/StateElections Due inAssembly SeatsLok Sabha SeatsRajya Sabha Seats
13 Jun, 2016 – 4 Jun, 2020Pondicherry20203011
220 Nov, 2015 – 19 Nov, 2020Bihar2020243216
317 Mar, 2015 – 16 Mar, 2021Jammu and KashmirJan-Feb 20208764
423 May, 2016 – 22 May, 2021Tamilnadu20212343918
524 May, 2016 – 23 May, 2021Assam2021126147
625 May, 2016 – 24 May, 2021Kerala2021140209
727 May, 2016 – 26 May, 2021West Bengal20212944216
815 Mar, 2017 – 14 Mar, 2022Goa20224021
915 Mar, 2017 – 14 Mar, 2022Manipur20226021
1016 Mar, 2017 – 15 Mar, 2022Punjab2022117137
1118 Mar, 2017-17 Mar, 2022Uttarakhand20227053
1218 Mar, 2017 – 17 Mar, 2022Uttar Pradesh20224038031
13Dec, 2017-Dec, 2022  Gujarat20221822611
14Dec 2017- Dec 2022  Himachal Pradesh20226843
1510 Dec, 2018 – 07 Jan, 2023Madhya Pradesh20232302911
1610 Dec, 2018 – 20 Jan, 2023Rajasthan20232002510
176 March, 2018 – 5 March, 2023Meghalaya20236021
186 March, 2018 – 5 March, 2023Nagaland20236011
1914 March, 2018 – 13 March, 2023Tripura20236021
2029 May, 2018 – 28 May, 2023Karnataka20232242812
2111 Dec, 2018 – 10 Dec, 2023Chhattisgarh202390115
2210 Dec, 2018 – 10 Dec, 2023Telangana2023119177
2316 Dec, 2018 – 15 Dec, 2023Mizoram20234011
2428 May, 2019 – 27 May, 2024Sikkim20243211
2502 June, 2019 – 01 June, 2024Arunachal Pradesh20246021
2612 June, 2019 -11 June, 2024Odisha20241472110
2715 Jun, 2019 – 18 Jun, 2024Andhra Pradesh20241752511
2827 Oct, 2019 – 26 Oct, 2024Haryana202490105
2928 Nov, 2019 – 27 Nov, 2024Maharashtra20242884819
3029 Dec, 2019 – 28 Dec, 2024Jharkhand202481146
3116 Feb, 2020 – 15 Feb, 2025Delhi20257073
  One seat each for UTs of ANI, CH, DNH, DD and LKD  5 
  Nominated Members in Rajya Sabha   12
  Nominated Members in Lok Sabha  2 
  Total 41205452
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  • We preferred to mention the recently completed state election for giving a broad interface about the prepared list.
  • Refer to our other blogs to know more variedly about the recent elections as well as the upcoming ones.

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