UP Panchayat Elections 2021 preparations have begun

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  • Uttar Pradesh Panchayat Elections is to be held this year in 2021 which remarks the fact that UP CM Yogi Adityanath government is about to complete successful four years in office on March 19.
  • However, the dates for conducting the election have not been announced yet. The seat reservations and their details have been published on the official website of the State Election Commission of Uttar Pradesh: http://www.sec.up.nic.in/site/
  • Heading towards the sooner approaching panchayat elections of Uttar Pradesh 2021, a notice was issued by CDO on behalf of the state government against four zonal magistrates because of their absence during a poll-related meeting. To this, strict actions were taken on these magistrates following the reasons demanded from them for not participating in the meeting conducted by the state for the upcoming UP panchayat election in the state.
  • The following magistrates are as follows:
    • Zonal Magistrate Arvind Kumar Sharma (Executive Engineer)
    • Construction and Sector Magistrate Anil Kumar (Assistant Commissioner Administration)
    • Upendra Singh Chaudhary (Assistant Commissioner Deputy Commissioner Administration)
    • Girish Chandra Mishra (Joint Commissioner Excise).
  • The meeting was held in Varanasi where the CDO issued instructions to make arrangements for drinking water, electricity, toilet ramps etc. at the polling booths. Further discussions took place regarding the procedure of conducting the upcoming panchayat election in the state and the process to manage it.
  • Meanwhile, the meetings and discussions, the Yogi-Adityanath-led Uttar Pradesh government have introduced a rotational system of reservation for the upcoming three-tier panchayat polls in the state. This means that if a seat was reserved for the candidates from scheduled castes (SCs), scheduled tribe (ST) and other backward classes in 2015, this time, the seat will not be reserved for them. Instead, the seats for the categories will be reserved on the basis of their population.
  • This reservation by rotation will be implemented in the panchayat elections, Additional Chief Secretary, Panchayati Raj, Manoj Kumar Singh had said.
  • Following the announcement of reservation policy, (SEC) has decided to conduct elections in one district at a time for four posts of Gram Pradhan, Gram Panchayat member, Area and District Panchayat member. The Election Commissioners Ved Prakash Verma and JP Singh, along with State Election Commissioner Manoj Kumar will discuss preparations made so far through video conferencing with the Divisional Commissioners and District Magistrates.
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  • Note the following, Uttar Pradesh has:
  • Constituencies:
    • 826 vikaskhands (development blocks)
    • 58,194 gram sabhas.
    • 7,31,813 wards in the gram sabhas
    • 75,855 wards in kshetra panchayats
    • 30,051 wards in 75 zila panchayats.
  • Members:
    • 75 district panchayat presidents (aggregate)
    • 826 block chiefs
    • 3,051 district panchayat members
    • 75,855 area panchayat members
    • 58,194-gram panchayats
    • 7,31,813-gram panchayat members
  • Coming back to the reservation policy, the District Magistrate (DM) will publish the list of reserved seats and their allocation on 2nd of March and 3rd of March, while between 4 and 8 March, objections can be raised in writing before the final list is issued between 10 and 12 March.
  • Cooperative Bank Loan defaulters, will, however not be allowed to contest the forthcoming Panchayat elections in Uttar Pradesh. If they are willing to contest, they will have to repay the loan to the Cooperative Society and District Cooperative Bank and also present no dues certificate to contest Panchayat elections.
  • According to the Election Commission, all the party workers, associates, and voters must take the following preventive measures and precautions:
  • Wearing of a good face mask that prominently covers mouth and nose during the election-related activity.
  • No one must be allowed to the provinces that is the polling booths without a proper thermal scanning.
  • Sanitizers shall be made available at all locations.
  • Social distancing shall be maintained as per the extant COVID-19 guidelines of the Ministry of Home Affairs and state government.
  • There is no reservation on the Gorakhpur district panchayat seat.
  • In Lucknow, seats are reserved for SC women, whereas in Benares, OBC is reserved for women.
  • Zilla Panchayat president will be elected on 25 of the 75 seats, including the parliamentary constituency of Lucknow.
  • There are unreserved seats in 27 districts, including Gorakhpur, Ghaziabad, Gautam Budh Nagar, Agra, Mathura, Ayodhya.
  • According to the order of the Allahabad High Court, elections to the panchayats are to be held by 30 April. The state government will complete the reservation process by 17 March. Six days will be given, from 2 March to 8 March, to file an objection.
  • According to the new policy:
  • Districts, regions and gram panchayats with the most population of Scheduled Castes and backward classes will be reserved in rotation.
  • Panchayats, which were reserved for the Scheduled Castes (SC) in 1995, 2000, 2005, 2010 and 2015, will not be allotted to the Scheduled Castes in this election. Those who have been reserved for backward classes will not be reserved for backward classes.
  • The seats reserved for Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes, Backward Classes and women in five elections from 1995 to 2015 will not be reserved for that category this time.

Aggregated constituencies and members in Uttar Pradesh, 2021:


No. of Vikas Khands (development blocks)826
No. of Gram Sabhas.  58,194
No. of wards in the Gram Sabhas  7,31,813
No. of Zila Panchayats75
No. of Wards in zila panchayats.  30,051
No. of wards in kshetra panchayats  75,855


No. of district panchayat presidents (aggregate)75
No. of block chiefs826
No. of district panchayat members3051
No. of area panchayat members75855
No. of gram panchayats58194
No. of gram panchayat members731813

Reservation Overview:

CategoriesDistrict Panchayat  Block Chief  Village Panchayat  
Total Posts75      826    58194    
Unreserved27    314    20,268
Female12    113    9739    
OBC27    223    15712    
SC16  171    12045    
ST(unspecified)5  330  
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