Philippines Election Results 2019 & Highlights

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The Filipino elections completed on second Monday 13th May 2019. According to the election schedule the elections were held for 12 senate positions and all the 292 House of Representative seats. The senators elected during this election will have a three year term. The electorate of Philippines should cast their vote to all the 12 senators.

Philippines Senate Election Results 2019:

  • Total number of senate positions during this elections – 12
  • Term of the senator – 3 years.

Philippines House of representatives Election results 2019:

  • Total number of House of Representative positions during this elections – 292
  • Term of the House of Representatives – 3 years.

Along with the Filipino Senate elections and House of Representatives elections the local elections for the posts of Governors, Vice-Governors, Provincial Body Members, Mayors, Vice-Mayors, City Councilors, Municipal Councilors, and Youth Councilors are also completed.

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Philippines House of Representative Election Results 2019:

S.NO Political Party Seats Won
1 Philippine Democratic Party – PDP 113
2 Liberal party 41
3 Nationalist People’s Coalition – NPC 29
4 Nationalist Party – NP 24
5 National Unity Party – NUP 16
5 Lakas – People’s Power Christian Muslim Democrats 3
6 United Nationalist Alliance Party – UNA 2
7 LDP – Struggle of Democratic Filipinos 1
8 Local Parties 3
9 Independents 3
10 Vacant Positions 5
11 New Districts 7
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Major Political Parties in Philippines:

  • Philippine Democratic Party–People’s Power (PDP-Laban)
  • Liberal Party
  • Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC)
  • Nationalist Party (Nacionalista)
  • National Unity Party (NUP)
  • Lakas (People Power–Christian Muslim Democrats)
  • United Nationalist Alliance (UNA)
  • LDP (Struggle of Democratic Filipinos)
  • Akbayan Party ( Akbayan Citizen Action Party)

Filipino Election results 2016:

The 16th president of Philippines was elected during the Filipino National and Local Elections 2016 which were held on 9th May 2016. Rodrigo Duterte of Philippine Democratic Party won and became the 16th President of Philippines while Leni Robredo of Liberal Party won became the Vice-President of Philippines.

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