American Election 2020: Joe wins America with a majority!

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  • Joseph R. Biden Jr. was elected the 46th president of the United States on Nov. 7. Mr. Biden defeated President Trump after winning Pennsylvania, which put his total of Electoral College votes above the 270 he needed to clinch the presidency. Biden won the election with 306 votes against 232 votes from Trump. 
  • The certification of the results was officially announced by the states after the disputed ballots were reviewed and post-election audits were conducted for double-checking accuracy. Even the party official on either side confirmed about hardly any fraudulent activities while the 2020 presidential election was in progress. 
  • The victory of the Democratic Party after the declaration marginalized 12,670 votes for Biden with a lead of 0.2% over Trump. 
  • Since 1860’s, the United States has got two major ruling parties namely the Republic Party, and the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party has the greatest number of seats in the House of Representatives while the Republicans hold a majority in the United States Senate. Apart from these two primary political parties, the next three largest parties are the Libertarian Party, Green Party, and the Constitutional Party in a respective order. For the 2020 election, the Democratic Party achieved 80,117,578 votes, Republicans scored 73,923,495 in total, Libertarian with 1,856,340, and Green with 392,160. 
  • The respective representatives to the above given parties were such as:
  • Joe Biden represented the Democratic Party 
  • Donald Trump presented the Republic Party 
  • Jo Jorgensen for the Libertarian
  • Howie Hawkins and Jesse Ventura for the Green Party
  • Some of the previous representatives of the two chief parties include:
  • Democratic Party: Andrew Jackson; Franklin D. Roosevelt; John F. Kennedy; Bill Clinton; Barack Obama; Joe Biden, the 46th President of America, 2020, etc.
  • Republic Party: Abraham Lincoln; Theodore Roosevelt; Ronald Reagan; George Bush; and the most recent ex-president and the 45th President of America, Donald Trump, and many more. 
  • The battleground states for the election mainly were Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, and Nevada. Other minor states included Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, etc. 
  • “Flipped seat” denotes a race where the 2020 projected winner is from a different party than the previous winner or incumbent. These flipping states for Biden were non-white population in maximum than the nation as a whole. They were less wealthy than the average American household and had fewer four-year college graduates than the average state. 
  • The current lead in Pennsylvania is on the top with more than 81,000 votes. Several other prominent states elected the Republicans nationally by defending Trump’s campaign. 
  • Sources report that Michele Flournoy could be the first female to run Pentagon. She is probably picked up by Joe Biden as one of the three appropriate nominees for appointing as the secretary of Pentagon. If the announcement goes confirmed in favour with Flournoy, she beside being the first female secretary of Pentagon will be a possible gateway for the unprecedented number of women to senior roles at the Defence Department. The resistance from progressive democrats is an obvious but the upcoming Tuesday that is, 1st of December will be considered as the first step towards improvements in the positions of the women of America. One of the most famous officials straight in favour with the decision is Michelle Howard, the retired United States Navy four-star vice admiral currently leading the Biden-Harris agency review team at the Pentagon. 

The American Presidential Election has just begun and the effects of Biden’s power has already shown the effect. Other than the widespread rumours of Michele Flournoy, the strings of Feminism pins Kamala Harris as well on the board.

Kamala Harris, the half-Indian-American born lady is a multi-talented U.S. Senator stood beside Biden to bid herself for the presidency. She is believed to be the first woman ever to stand for the presidential election from a Democratic Party.

Several treasury picks by Biden declared on media majorly included Michele Flournoy, and Kamala Harris. Mrs. Harris has been specially handpicked for the Vice-president post for secretly gaining the majority of the votes obtained from the Indians living in the United States. Whatever reason it may be, but it is obvious and clear that she is capable enough to deserve the post.

Gossips have begun and Harris’s election has confirmed the brightside of her spouse, which ever had taken place in the American History. Doug Emhoff, the spouse of Mrs. Harris is believed to be the First ever “Second Citizen” in the histories of America.

A change has already shown up with brighter effects. Only it is the time to wait for more new victories to see.

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  • Though a competition between the two yet fought by many. Joe and Trump aren’t considerably the only declared candidates to the line of succession of the Presidential Throne. Listed below are the following candidate with respect to their parties they stood on behalf of:
Name of the CandidatePartyNominating Status
Donald TrumpRepublicanDeclared
Joe BidenDemocratDeclared
John KasichRepublican 
Mark SanfordRepublican Declared
Mike PenceRepublican 
Tom CottonRepublican 
Ben SasseRepublican 
Bill WeldRepublicanDeclared
Jay InsleeDemocrat Declared
Eric SwalwellDemocratWithdrawn
Bill de BlasioDemocratWithdrawn
Tim Ryan DemocratWithdrawn
Seth MoultonDemocratWithdrawn
John HickenlooperDemocratWithdrawn
Beto O’RourkeDemocratWithdrawn
Kirsten GillibrandDemocratWithdrawn
Steve BullockDemocratWithdrawn
Kamala HarrisDemocratWithdrawn
Julian CastroDemocratWithdrawn
Marianne WilliamsonDemocratWithdrawn 
Cory BookerDemocratWithdrawn
John DelaneyDemocratWithdrawn
Joe WalshRepublicanWithdrawn
Andrew YangDemocratWithdrawn
Michael BennetDemocratWithdrawn
Deval Patrick DemocratWithdrawn
Tom SteyerDemocratWithdrawn
Pete ButtigiegDemocratWithdrawn
Amy KlobucharDemocratWithdrawn
Michael BloombergDemocratWithdrawn
Elizabeth WarrenDemocratWithdrawn
Tulsi GabbardDemocratWithdrawn
Bernie SandersDemocratWithdrawn
  • There were 1212 candidates who filled to run, including: 
  • 323 number of Democratic candidates
  • 164 were of Republicans
  • 65 from Libertarians
  • 23 from the Green party
  • Unlike India’s assembly constituencies and members of the parliaments, where candidate represents, both the party as well as a selected place or region to propose commoners for an urge to vote them, the United States Presidential Election is unique in its own way. 
  • No matter how influential you are, but certain rules are strictly followed to be the first citizen of US. Starting from the Citizenships, Age limits to the Qualifications, etc. and a strong ideological background can help a candidate to step closer to become the first person. Henceforth, instead of the constituencies, the focus goes more on to the party representation, votes, and popularity. 
  • Below given is the complete list of the candidates who have filed for the 2020 Presidential Election:
Aaron AvourisLibertarian Party
Aaron FraserDemocratic Party
Abram LoebIndependent
Adam E. HaasIndependent
Adam KokeshLibertarian Party
Adam Nicholas PaulIndependent
Adam SeamanNonpartisan
Adrian J. CoxDemocratic Party
Adrienne HowardDemocratic Party
Ahmad SaideNonpartisan
Ajay SoodIndependent
Akiva LeffertDemocratic Party
Alan AugustsonGreen Party
Alan GordonIndependent
Alan HoweDemocratic Party
Alan SpearsRepublican Party
Albert James FelixLiberal Party
Alec ZajacIndependent
Alexander Dewey FoxNonpartisan
Alexander HarrisNonpartisan
Alexander MarcopolusUnaffiliated
Alexandra ArmourNonpartisan
Alexandria TateRepublican Party
Alexis GoodsonNonpartisan
Alex KrupkinOther
Alex Lloyd GrossIndependent
Alfred MurphyProgressive Party
Alicia BarbineIndependent
Alison JenkinsNonpartisan
Allen BouskaAmerican Independent Party
Alonzo Tablet Martin Sr.Republican Party
Aloysius R. MarcinekIndependent
Alvin HarrisonDemocratic Party
Amanda EsteppIndependent
Amani JarrarOther
Amie HiltonDemocratic Party
Ami HorowitzDemocratic Party
Amy KlobucharDemocratic Party
Anastasia HalcombIndependent
Andre NantkesRepublican Party
Andre Phillip GreenDemocratic Party
Andrew DugandzicIndependent
Andrew Heartdoc ChungNonpartisan
Andrew Lee HicksNonpartisan
Andrew Locklin BarringerRepublican Party
Andrew PhillipsDemocratic Party
Andrew TernayUnaffiliated
Andrew WildmanIndependent
Andrew YangDemocratic Party
Andy Williams Jr.Libertarian Party
Angela GlassIndependent
Angela Ja Yung MinRepublican Party
Angelo Yoshannah ScrignaIndependent
Aniello GrimaldiDemocratic Party
Anita BelleDemocratic Party
Anthony AlongiNonpartisan
Anthony D. BeckwithUnaffiliated
Anthony DeWayne HillDemocratic Party
Anthony Gaetano BerniceIndependent American Party
Anthony James AllredDemocratic Party
Anthony Kevin Moss Jr.Independent
Anthony MorielloIndependent
Anthony M. PiazzaDemocratic Party
Antonio SmithIndependent
Ari HooperNonpartisan
Arnold Matthew JonesDemocratic Party
Artemus Suarez Cohen EdenDemocratic Party
Arthur RodriguezNonpartisan
Arthur Van HoutenConstitution Party
Arvin VohraLibertarian Party
Ashton James HauserUnited Citizens Party
Audrey AddisonRepublican Party
Audwin BarnesOther
Augustus Sol InvictusRepublican Party
Austin PackIndependent
Avital Hadas ObersteinThe Human Rights Party
Barbara Ruth BellarRepublican Party
Barbara StonePeople’s Party
Baruch MargolisUnaffiliated
Bella RobinsonIndependent
Ben GleibermanDemocratic Party
Benjamin G. LederLibertarian Party
Benjamin LeyvaNonpartisan
Benjamin Marc EliasUnaffiliated
Benjamin Michael OsbornConservative Party
Benjamin Peter KozlowskiDemocratic Party
Bennett DavlinDemocratic Party
Bernard KornDemocratic Party
Bernie SandersDemocratic Party
Beth ClavetteIndependent
Beto O’RourkeDemocratic Party
Betty DangRepublican Party
Bill de BlasioDemocratic Party
Bill HaasDemocratic Party
Bill WeldRepublican Party
Billy R. LewisAmerican Independent Party
Billy RubinIndependent
Blaine Russell LechkoDemocratic Party
Bob CalderoneIndependent
Bob DevineIndependent
Bob ElyRepublican Party
Bowen Lee ParkerNonpartisan
Brad C. StephensIndependent
Brad CutshawUnaffiliated
Brad LetneyRepublican Party
Bradley Scott HartliepLibertarian Party
Bradley S. KingUnaffiliated
Bradley VervalenNonpartisan
Bradley William IshmanIndependent
Brandin LeaLibertarian Party
Brandon BuccolaIndependent
Brandon CekanderIndependent
Brandon ScrogginsNonpartisan
Brandon W. AckerDemocratic Party
Brandy GumpNonpartisan
Braydn PhippsRepublican Party
Brenda JusticeRepublican Party
Brendan BaumCommunist Party
Brent Jay NatzleRepublican Party
Bret MarzockIndependent
Brett HendersonNonpartisan
Brian EllisonLibertarian Party
Brian FehrmanIndependent
Brian HumphreyOther
Brian MooreDemocratic Party
Brian MoutouxDemocratic Party
Brian NewnanDemocratic Party
Brian Padrick DrakeNonpartisan
Brian R. CurroIndependent
Brian T. CarrollAmerican Solidarity Party
Brock PierceIndependent
Brooke MullenNonpartisan
Brooke PetersonIndependent
Bruce John KennewayNonpartisan
Bryan LawlerNonpartisan
Burak AgunDemocratic Party
Cad DeVaughnIndependent American Party
Caleb GanzerDemocratic Party
Caleb GaulDemocratic Party
Cameron JonesLibertarian Party
Camron RaIndependent
Candace Marie Bates AvinaNonpartisan
Carl ArrecheaNonpartisan
Carl JacksonIndependent
Carlos Antonio AlcantaraNonpartisan
Carmelo PinnavariaWe the People Party
Carmen Ka’ana’anaIndependent
Carrie Bittay-D’intinoDemocratic Party
Carroll Montague Price Jr.Democratic Party
Catherine Anne ForsmanDemocratic Party
Cathy Johnson PendletonRepublican Party
Caylend Anthony Edward ChildsDemocratic Party
Cecelia SanbornNonpartisan
Cecil Albert RichardsonRepublican Party
Cecil Anthony Southwest InceLibertarian Party
Cecilia OkugoDemocratic Party
Cedric JeffersonLibertarian Party
Cesar CisnerosRepublican Party
Cesar LabitanIndependent
Chad GoodwinRepublican Party
Chad Michael JorgensonIndependent
Chad WilsonGreen Party
Chance TrahanNonpartisan
Charlene LathamRepublican Party
Charles CarterNonpartisan
Charles CastonIndependent
Charles Edward MillsNonpartisan
Charles Junior HodgeIndependent
Charles KovacsNonpartisan
Charles KrautConstitution Party
Charles Landon HodgesDemocratic Party
Charles Richard RanslemNonpartisan
Charleta McInnisDemocratic Party
Chase PooreRepublican Party
Cherunda Lynn FoxIndependent
Chiyo MihamaCommunist Party
Chomi PragNonpartisan
Chris FranklinIndependent
Chris MorchakNonpartisan
Christian Alexander ArzuDemocratic Party
Christina Gerasimos Billings-EliasDemocratic Party
Christina Marie CabralIndependent American Party
Christine Weston ChandlerU.S. Taxpayers Party
Christin Noel PowersDemocratic Party
Christopher BrainardRepublican Party
Christopher CalderonDemocratic Party
Christopher Christian WatkinsIndependent
Christopher ClaytonRepublican Party
Christopher FlorquistUnaffiliated
Christopher Francis WeaverLibertarian Party
Christopher GebbieNonpartisan
Christopher HalseNonpartisan
Christopher James HurleyUnaffiliated
Christopher JohnsonRepublican Party
Christopher Joseph De La TorreRepublican Party
Christopher Lawrence JacksonIndependent Conservative Democratic Party
Christopher Lee BreilerIndependent
Christopher Lee ConkeyNonpartisan
Christopher Lee LangstonDemocratic Party
Christopher LifeNonpartisan
Christopher MartinOther
Christopher McCarthyNonpartisan
Christopher Owen EbertIndependent
Christopher Paul RellaDemocratic Party
Christopher Randall DolinDemocratic Party
Christopher RockmanNonpartisan
Christopher Ryan MarksNonpartisan
Christopher StefanLibertarian Party
Christopher StriedIndependent
Cid HarrisIndependent
CJ CaryRepublican Party
Claire Elisabeth ElliottIndependent
Clara MillerDemocratic Party
Clarice NewtonAmerican People’s Freedom Party
Clayton ConklinIndependent
Clayton ResslerNonpartisan
Clifford Allen EnglerthNonpartisan
Clifton RobertsNonpartisan
Cline RussellDemocratic Party
Clyde LynchDemocratic Party
Cody KennedyIndependent
Cody Thomson-EsquerNonpartisan
Cole Alan PravdaRepublican Party
Colin PillsburyUnaffiliated
Colleen WilkinsonDemocratic Party
Colt HampleConstitution Party
Connie GammonIndependent
Connor StancilNonpartisan
Conrad Hans HubischIndependent
Consuelo BarbettaThe Human Rights Party
Contessa Courtney AndersonDemocratic Party
Corbin Zane CaterRepublican Party
Corgan LarsonIndependent
Cory BookerDemocratic Party
Courtney DavisIndependence Party
Crusificio GambinoNonpartisan
Crystal Ann HaleIndependent
Crystal BergfieldIndependent
Crystal PorterUnaffiliated
Cullen VaneNonpartisan
Curtis GittelmanNonpartisan
Curtis ZimmermanNonpartisan
Curt NicholsGreen Party
Dakinya JeffersonLibertarian Party
Dakoda FoxxDemocratic Party
Dakota HaleLibertarian Party
Dale BeckmanIndependent
Damien Garrett ChiodoDemocratic Party
Daniel BakerDemocratic Party
Daniel BehrmanLibertarian Party
Daniel BenedixLibertarian Party
Daniel BlainDemocratic Party
Daniel BryantVeterans Party of America Party
Daniel ChristmannLibertarian Party
Daniel Clyde CummingsAmerican Constitution Party
Daniel DavenportLibertarian Party
Daniel DeClementsRepublican Party
Daniel FrishbergRepublican Party
Daniel GalloNonpartisan
Daniel James BoblitNonpartisan
Daniel Jonathan HouseIndependent
Daniel L. DavisRepublican Party
Daniel M. HollowayDemocratic Party
Daniel SegalDemocratic Party
Daniel WhiteIndependent
Dannie BradshawIndependent
Danny Nathaniel Hawkins Jr.Nonpartisan
Daphne Denise BradfordDemocratic Party
Darcie AllenIndependent
Darcy RichardsonReform Party
Dario David HunterGreen Party
Darius La’Ron MitchellRepublican Party
Darren ZookIndependent
Darryl Cedric WhiteNonpartisan
Darryl MurphyRepublican Party
Darryl P. HendricksDemocratic Party
Darryl Scott RainsRepublican Party
David Aaron KaraffaIndependent
David Alan WilkersonIndependent
David Andrew ChristensonNonpartisan
David Earl CuringtonIndependent
David FrankIndependent
David GoodeIndependent
David John ThistleDemocratic Party
David Jon SponheimNonpartisan
David KnollRepublican Party
David LibraceRepublican Party
David M. RiceRepublican Party
David Oswald GriffithRepublican Party
David RaphaelOther
David Raphael HerzRepublican Party
David RoldeGreen Party
David Scott CurtisUnaffiliated
Davy GunfishDemocratic Party
Deandre Lamont SolomonIndependent
Deborah Ann RouseIndependent
Deborah MarronRepublican Party
Deeanna Michelle R. JonesRepublican Party
DeJawon JosephDemocratic Party
Demetra WysingerLibertarian Party
Demondria JeffersonLibertarian Party
Denis SericNonpartisan
Dennis A. DiazIndependent
Dennis Jeffrey NusbaumDemocratic Party
Dennis LambertGreen Party
Derick TaubeNonpartisan
Derrick EgglestonNonpartisan
Derrick Michael ReidLibertarian Party
Derrick Wadell CooperAmerican People’s Freedom Party
De’Sean Raynard HawthorneDemocratic Party
De’Sean Sunlight M. HawthorneDemocratic Party
Deval PatrickDemocratic Party
Devin ArendtNonpartisan
Dimitri Anastasios L. PanagopoulosRepublican Party
Domingo RamosRepublican Party
Donald Eugene LoweDemocratic Party
Donald GillenDemocratic Party
Donald Glenn HewettRepublican Party
Donald R. CopeIndependent
Donald SauterNonpartisan
Donald TrumpRepublican Party
Don BlankenshipConstitution Party
Don GrundmannConstitution Party
Donna Han StroudRepublican Party
Donna Jean AlstonDemocratic Party
Doris BrownDemocratic Party
Doug JenkinsIndependent
Douglas BishopIndependent
Douglas Walter SabbagDemocratic Party
Doug ShrefflerDemocratic Party
Doug Van RaamOther
Duane HeppnerGreen Party
Dustin L. GoodRepublican Party
Dustin Ryan Shewbert Sr.Democratic Party
Dwayne VarnadoDemocratic Party
Dwight SmithNonpartisan
Dyral McGriffNonpartisan
Earnest Lee EastonIndependent
Edgar WarnerIndependent
Edie BukewihgeDemocratic Party
Eduardo Manuel Torres Jr.Green Party
Eduardo UvalleNonpartisan
Edward KimbroughDemocratic Party
Edward WhangNonpartisan
Elijah ManleySocialist Party
Eliud ResendezNonpartisan
Elizabeth BlackDemocratic Party
Elizabeth Marie DyerRepublican Party
Elizabeth WarrenDemocratic Party
Ella HallDemocratic Party
Ellerton WhitneyLibertarian Party
Elliott GriffinNonpartisan
Ellis W. DreweryIndependent
Elmer S. MohrNonpartisan
Emil BernardIndependent
Emilio Chavez Jr.Independent
Emily AdamsDemocratic Party
Emily GreenePeace and Freedom Party
Emily RosasDemocratic Party
Eric DonohueNonpartisan
Eric James BorrellIndependent
Eric MeiringIndependent
Eric Renaldo FluddRepublican Party
Eric Scott CavanaghRepublican Party
Eric SwalwellDemocratic Party
Eric ZatorRepublican Party
Erika Ronice BlakelyCitizens’ Party
Erik BrownRepublican Party
Erik Chase GerhardtLibertarian Party
Erik LecknerDemocratic Party
Erlyndon Joseph LoDemocratic Party
Ervan MillerDemocratic-Farmer Labor Party
Esther Caroline AebiDemocratic Party
Ethan AlcornIndependent
Ethan James KellerIndependent American Party
Ethan RussellUnaffiliated
Eugene ArnoldNonpartisan
Eugene Hunt Jr.Republican Party
Eugene PatilioGreen Party
Evan Bernard BorochDemocratic Party
Evret GreerLibertarian Party
Felix BiedermanVeterans Party of America Party
Franklin James ErwinIndependent
Frank LoganIndependent
Frank QuinnNonpartisan
Frank ScurlockIndependent
Frank Walter DworakDemocratic Party
Fran WalkerRepublican Party
Franz AliquoDemocratic Party
Frederick NettletonDemocratic Party
Frederick OsborneIndependent
Frederic SchultzDemocratic Party
Fred WiandDemocratic Party
Gabriel Elias Van DurenIndependent
Gail Chord SchulerRepublican Party
Garrett PowellRepublican Party
Gary ClementeIndependent
Gary C. TurnerDemocratic Party
Gary Dennis DisneyAmerican Party
Gary James SchwigenDemocratic Party
Gary SmithDemocratic Party
Gary Stephen HillNonpartisan
Gary SwingBoiling Frog
Geby EspinosaRepublican Party
Geetha RathnamalaIndependent
George Clinton BrownDemocratic Party
George D. MiklosAmerican Independent Conservative Party
George FraserIndependent
George Wayne Dietrich IIDemocratic Party
George WilsonIndependent
Gerald WindhamIndependent
Gerasimos ManolatodDemocratic Party
Gidget GroendykDemocratic Party
Glenn Scott Allistair SimpsonDemocratic Party
Gloria La RivaParty for Socialism and Liberation
Gordon PaisleyDemocratic Party
Grant Ethridge OhanianDemocratic Party
Grant Stephen GoodmanNonpartisan
Greggory Shadle Sr.Independent
Gregory BoyerNonpartisan
Gregory D. McCollum Sr.Unaffiliated
Gregory Francis VotrubaDemocratic Party
Gregory Mark GuillaumeRepublican Party
Gregory MikolayDemocratic Party
Greg WaltonOther
Gus WilliamsDemocratic Party
Harlan SavalaDemocratic Party
Harold Marvin Carrington Jr.Citizens’ Party
Harry Tyrone MappDemocratic Party
Harry William Braun IIIDemocratic Party
Hart P. CunninghamDemocratic Party
Heather HorstLibertarian Party
Heather MuñozUnaffiliated
Henry HewesDemocratic Party
Herbert Ezekiel Zeke SmythDemocratic Party
Hernan MelgarejoDemocratic Party
Hillary QuartleySocialist Party
Holly WoolseyLiberal Party
Hope DirRepublican Party
Hope ShawRepublican Party
Horace TaylorIndependent
Hosanna Jesse O. GrayDemocratic Party
Howard StaufferRepublican Party
Howie HawkinsGreen Party
Hubert Sean FranciscoIndependent
Huhnkie LeeRepublican Party
Hunter HippleIndependent
Ian Edward PleasantNonpartisan
Ian Ingalls BurlingameIndependent
Ian PetroIndependent
Ian SchlakmanGreen Party
Innaya AfzalRepublican Party
Ishah WrightDemocratic Party
Ivan-Jan Cruz DesuasidoGreen Party
Jack Angus NevinDemocratic Party
Jackie Irene BowerDemocratic Party
Jack Lewis CharbonneauIndependent
Jack RobinsonIndependent
Jacob HornbergerLibertarian Party
Jacob JohnstonRepublican Party
Jacob KauferNonpartisan
Jacob SherrodRepublican Party
Jacob TaylorIndependent
Jaden Thomas FarrisDemocratic Party
Jade SimmonsIndependent
Jake Spencer FreemanNonpartisan
James A. KirkpatrickIndependent
James Allen PolkIndependent
James Cartrell FoxDemocratic Party
James EdalgoNonpartisan
James Gray MasonNonpartisan
James HarveyRepublican Party
James H. LionelAmerican Independent Party
James Holland Jr.Republican Party
James Jerome BellDemocratic Party
James Jr. AthansDemocratic Party
James MaDemocratic Party
James McGuffinDemocratic Party
James MeroneyRepublican Party
James O’BrienRepublican Party
James Orlando Ogle IIILibertarian Party
James Paris FirmaniIndependent
James Pence BagiackasNonpartisan
James PeppeRepublican Party
James RivesDemocratic Party
James RyanNonpartisan
James Ryan SrailIndependent
James ValentineNonpartisan
James VestermarkRepublican Party
James Walter Legate Jr.Republican Party
James William HowittRepublican Party
Jamie MooreIndependent
Jamie StaggsNonpartisan
Janelle Marie NowellDemocratic Party
Jan JansonRepublican Party
Jared Kyle WolnyDemocratic Party
Jarmal Jabbar SandersNonpartisan
Jarom WattsIndependent
Jasen Lemar EdwardsNonpartisan
Jason BradleyNonpartisan
Jason ChurillaDemocratic Party
Jason Daniel PeachLibertarian Party
Jason E. DunlapDemocratic Party
Jason EdwardsUnaffiliated
Jason G. GravenNonpartisan
Jason KimRepublican Party
Jason LenczickiNonpartisan
Jason Michael SibilioLibertarian Party
Jason MortensenNonpartisan
Jason MurrayDemocratic Party
Jason Robert BarnesGreen Party
Jason SmithIndependent American Party
Jason StanekNonpartisan
Jawad Hashem HakeemIndependent
Jay InsleeDemocratic Party
Jay P. PridmoreRepublican Party
Jedidiah HillLibertarian Party
Jefery LevyDemocratic Party
Jeffery SharpNonpartisan
Jeffrey DownardRepublican Party
Jeffrey Michael HidekIndependent
Jeffrey Ralph ZornDemocratic Party
Jeffrey R. WhartonRepublican Party
Jeff StabinsRepublican Party
Jennifer AlamedaIndependent
Jennifer McMurrayDemocratic Party
Jennifer Vogel-WalcuttDemocratic Party
Jennifer WaltersGreen Party
Jennifer YeandleIndependent
Jeremiah James Hopper Sr.Independent
Jeremy BonhamIndependence Party
Jeremy GordonNonpartisan
Jeremy Joseph GableNonpartisan
Jeremy Shane BernheiselIndependent
Jerry Leon CarrollNonpartisan
Jerry SegalBread and Roses
Jesse DukeOther
Jesse James SmithIndependence Party
Jesse Laz-HirschNonpartisan
J. Gil De LamadridNonpartisan
Jill Ann CartyIndependence Party
Jim GrayLibertarian Party
Jimmy DelgadoDemocratic Party
Jimmy FlameIndependent
Jimmy Shaw McLlellonAce Party
Jo 753Nonpartisan
Joanna LauDemocratic Party
Joe BidenDemocratic Party
Joe Edward AndersonRepublican Party
Joe Edward Collins IIIRepublican Party
Joe Kenneth Holt Jr.Democratic Party
Joel Levi AltmanIndependent
Joe McHughDemocratic Party
Joe SestakDemocratic Party
Joe WalshRepublican Party
Joey BerryIndependent
Johannon ZionIndependent
Johan Tore NystromIndependent
John BlythDemocratic Party
John CashIndependent
John Christopher MasonDemocratic Party
John DaceyDemocratic Party
John D’auraNonpartisan
John David McAfeeLibertarian Party
John DelaneyDemocratic Party
John FlynnRepublican Party
John GunterDemocratic Party
John HickenlooperDemocratic Party
John JacobIndependent
John James GilbertsonAmerican Independent Conservative Party
John J. GilbertDemocratic Party
John KleinRepublican Party
John Kwesi HankinsIndependent
John MedeirosNonpartisan
John MercautoIndependent
John M. HoffmanNonpartisan
John MichelottiIndependent
John MondsLibertarian Party
John Mutzberg IIIIndependent
Johnnie CampbellDemocratic Party
Johnny HenryAmerican Independent Party
Johnny Rae FriskeyRepublican Party
John O’KeefeDemocratic Party
John Patrick MartiniDemocratic Party
John RileyNonpartisan
John Robert O’DonnellDemocratic Party
John R. PhillipsLibertarian Party
John SchiessRepublican Party
Johnson LeeUnaffiliated
Jo JorgensenLibertarian Party
Jonathan MarcDemocratic Party
Jonathan MathewsRepublican Party
Jonathon James KraghNonpartisan
Jonathon SharkeyRepublican Party
Joncarlo CicconeDemocratic Party
Jon W. FitzpatrickNonpartisan
Jordan Marc ScottIndependent
Jordan R. LassiterNonpartisan
Jorran Lee BeebeDemocratic Party
Jose Arnold VillagranaDemocratic Party
Jose FontDemocratic Party
Jose Manuel CuevasNonpartisan
Joseph AhlUnaffiliated
Joseph Allen MaldonadoLibertarian Party
Joseph CampIndependent
Joseph CarronNonpartisan
Joseph Charles CampbellLibertarian Party
Joseph Charles SchrinerIndependent
Joseph GarveyDemocratic Party
Joseph HamrickNonpartisan
Joseph HendersonDemocratic Party
Joseph KishoreSocialist Equality Party
Joseph Lee Custis Jr.Independent
Joshua Alexander HoyDemocratic Party
Joshua David UseraNonpartisan
Joshua James ReedDemocratic Party
Joshua Matthew BeckerDemocratic Party
Joshua PeterDemocratic Party
Joshua Reese KronbergDemocratic Party
Joshua ScherrerUnaffiliated
Joshua TienDemocratic Party
Jovan BurlesonAmerican People’s Freedom Party
Joy L. SorrellsIndependent
J.R. MyersLife and Liberty
Juan Buenrostro OrtizDemocratic Party
Judah ThomasIndependent
Julian AlemanNonpartisan
Julián CastroDemocratic Party
Julian Lapaul Decarlo GrayIndependent
Julianne Elizabeth BenzelRepublican Party
Julius Theodore EngelNonpartisan
June La’Gay LloydIndependent
Justin AmashLibertarian Party
Justin DanielIndependence Party
Justin HarperRepublican Party
Justin Michael BrowningNonpartisan
Justin TomlinsonGeorge Wallace Party
Justin WhiteLibertarian Party
Kamala D. HarrisDemocratic Party
Kameron ScottNonpartisan
Kanye WestIndependent
Karin SieboldIndependent
Kasey WellsIndependent
Kathy WilburnDemocratic Party
Keely Ann CraigRepublican Party
Keenan DunhamLibertarian Party
Keenan NicholsIndependent
Keiki O’KalaniIndependent
Keith BrownLibertarian Party
Keith Daniel LankfordNonpartisan
Keith DavenportIndependent
Keith GalaskaNonpartisan
Keith JonesIndependent
Keith LandiDemocratic Party
Keith LeonardDemocratic Party
Keith MayIndependence Party
Keith OttingerRepublican Party
Keith SmithDemocratic Party
Keith ThomaeRepublican Party
Kelan Farrell-SmithRepublican Party
Kelly McLainDemocratic Party
Kelvin Gerad DavisIndependent
Kendra CalicoAmerican Independent Party
Kenneth Alan WilsonIndependent
Kenneth ArmstrongLibertarian Party
Kenneth BlevinsLibertarian Party
Kenneth Bruce Van GrossUnaffiliated
Kenneth E. Nwadike Jr.Democratic Party
Kenneth James MontalvoIndependent
Kenneth Robert CrossNonpartisan
Kenny RodeoRepublican Party
Ken PattersonRepublican Party
Kent MesplayGreen Party
Ken WardNonpartisan
Kerry D. SoseeahNonpartisan
Kerry KizerGreen Party
Keshav GuptaDemocratic Party
Kevin Andrew KinchenAmerican Independent Party
Kevin Bradford DielIndependent
Kevin C. BrownNonpartisan
Kevin CollinsDemocratic Party
Kevin Commander CormierDemocratic Party
Kevin JonesOther
Kevin OakesRepublican Party
Kevin PrestiaDemocratic Party
Kevin WestUnaffiliated
Keyshawn Dwanye VarnadoDemocratic Party
Khistina DejeanIndependent
Kimberly Margaret RuffLibertarian Party
Kirsten GillibrandDemocratic Party
Kisare O. MakoriConservative Party
Kody Allen KneipRepublican Party
Korey Paul StarkeyIndependent
Korrena Kaye UseraNonpartisan
Krisjiannis VittatoOther
Krisjian VitateauxOther
Krista Marie WhippleLibertarian Party
Kristopher HoffmanNonpartisan
Kristopher Thomas MinetteNonpartisan
Kurios IIndependent
Kurt CononeNonpartisan
Kurtis WilsonDemocratic Party
Kurt SackermanDemocratic Party
Kyle Kenley KopitkeIndependent
Kyle S. BrownIndependent
Kyrial Gregory PerkinsIndependent
Labarron PerkinsDemocratic Party
Lacie BanchioRepublican Party
Lady ScandrettNonpartisan
Larry D. Bluford Sr.Nonpartisan
Larry Vaughn Fulmer Jr.Independent
Larry WalkerDemocratic Party
Larry W. ColeDemocratic Party
LaTonya TuckerCitizens’ Party
Latowya Miller-JamisonIndependent
Lauren Patterson-StrongDemocratic Party
Lavarion BollingRepublican Party
Lawrence HornRepublican Party
Lawrence SmithUnaffiliated
L.C. Fuller Jr.Democratic Party
Lee RhodesDemocratic Party
Lee RogersConservative Party
Leonard PeltierPeace and Freedom Party
Leo ScheidlerIndependent
Leroy LewisIndependent
Leslie EppsDemocratic Party
Levoid Dexter Perry IIDemocratic Party
Lexie Ray HughesThe Human Rights Party
Lincoln ChafeeLibertarian Party
Lisa Jane MarmoratoNonpartisan
Lisanne Ferne AndersonNonpartisan
Lisha ShajuDemocratic Party
Liza Dawn CherricksIndependent
Lonnie Beard IIIIndependent
Lonnie EdwardsDemocratic Party
Lon TharaldsonNonpartisan
Lori HoltonIndependent
Lorraine LynchLibertarian Party
Louis VanacoreLibertarian Party
Luca NascimbeneIndependent
Luis Alberto Ramos Jr.Democratic Party
Luis MaciasRepublican Party
Luis ReaddyNonpartisan
Luis Rivera Jr.Nonpartisan
Luis Szydlowski De JesusIndependent
Luke Allen BrodersenDemocratic Party
Luke SummersDemocratic Party
Luke WarrenDemocratic Party
Luvita FranklinIndependent
Maayan Z. ZikDemocratic Party
Mack KitchelSocialist Labor Party
Malcolm OliverDemocratic Party
Manuel Luis HigaredaFederalist Party
Marc StengelRepublican Party
Marcus MeikleOther
Marcus Olivio-McLlellonDemocratic-Farmer Labor Party
Marcus SykesUnaffiliated
Maria Harper DavisDemocratic Party
Marianne WilliamsonDemocratic Party
Mario JaramilloIndependent
Mari TamburoDemocratic Party
Mark Allan PierceDemocratic Party
Mark Allen WeberDemocratic Party
Mark Blair GrahamNonpartisan
Mark CharlesIndependent
Mark-Christian Anthony AubinRepublican Party
Mark Douglas SpiveyLibertarian Party
Mark Elworth Jr.Other
Mark FrohmanIndependent
Markie Kenneth GarnerIndependent
Mark L. BauerIndependent
Mark London Dunham IIDemocratic Party
Mark SanfordRepublican Party
Mark ShayIndependent
Mark Stewart GreensteinDemocratic Party
Mark WurtzNonpartisan
Marquis Antwan GarnerDemocratic Party
Marshall JonesIndependent
Martina ArmsteadDemocratic Party
Martin DudziakNonpartisan
Marty PiattRepublican Party
Marvin D. JonesDemocratic Party
Marvin Gerald VandamIndependent
Mary ClementDemocratic Party
Mary June RinconIndependent
Mathew H. GreenIndependent
Mathew Lee TylerIndependent
Matthew BukerVeterans Party of America Party
Matthew D. PinnavaiaNonpartisan
Matthew Embry BradshawIndependent
Matthew James McGurnNonpartisan
Matthew M. AbraughNonpartisan
Matthew MaternRepublican Party
Matthew Thomas BeggarlyDemocratic Party
Matthew WeedAmerican Independent Party
Maureen UcheOther
M.A. WarrenIndependent
Max AbramsonVeterans Party of America Party
Maximo Alvarez CastanedaIndependent
Max StravagarDemocratic Party
Mehal RockefellerRepublican Party
Melinda Pillsbury-FosterOther
Melvin Francis EberlyRepublican Party
Melvin Valentine Jr.Nonpartisan
Melvin Wayne ClarkDemocratic Party
Meredithe Floyd Pennington Jr.Independent
Merrill Edward Cook Jr.Unaffiliated
Michael AguiarDemocratic Party
Michael Andrew Counsell-ShortIndependent
Michael AnfangUnaffiliated
Michaela ShaperoRepublican Party
Michael BagbyRepublican Party
Michael BennetDemocratic Party
Michael BickelmeyerRepublican Party
Michael BloombergDemocratic Party
Michael Dean BowersPeople’s Party
Michael E. ArthDemocratic Party
Michael EllingerDemocratic Party
Michael FahlOther
Michael FosterDemocratic Party
Michael HarbourNonpartisan
Michael James OttIndependent
Michael Joseph DixonNonpartisan
Michael KatzDemocratic Party
Michael LabochIndependent
Michael Lamont Hambrick Sr.Independent
Michael LandinghamDemocratic Party
Michael LevinsonNonpartisan
Michael L. HallmanNonpartisan
Michael MaldonadoNonpartisan
Michael McKinleyDemocratic Party
Michael NoonanDemocratic Party
Michael Ohleger Jr.Nonpartisan
Michael PuskarRepublican Party
Michael RidenNonpartisan
Michael ScollanNonpartisan
Michael T. CaptainNonpartisan
Michael Wayne PalmerDemocratic Party
Michael W. BarbineNonpartisan
Michael Williams Jr.Nonpartisan
Michael WoodyerIndependent
Michael W. ScruggsDemocratic Party
Michael ZayasDemocratic Party
Michelle R. Hale HudsonRepublican Party
Michelle WalkerIndependent
Micky K. HullUnaffiliated
Mike GravelDemocratic Party
M. LaTroy WilliamsDemocratic Party
Mohammad KabirNonpartisan
Morris ThompsonUnaffiliated
Mosemarie BoydDemocratic Party
Mosheh Edward ThezionDemocratic Party
Mr. GippermanAmerican Independent Party
Muhammad FarooqDemocratic Party
Nadia Bahia SmalleyDemocratic Party
Nadia B. SmalleyDemocratic Party
Nahj BadruIndependent
Najah Karima GabrielDemocratic Party
Nakia Lacquers AnthonyDemocratic Party
Nancy Elizabeth RodriguezLiberal Party
Napoleon MadridIndependent
Nathan D. ScholtenIndependent
Nathan GrahamNonpartisan
Nathaniel CoggleshallIndependent
Nathaniel GlasgowRepublican Party
Nathaniel NelsonIndependent
Nathan KellyRepublican Party
Nazzarae CollinsDemocratic Party
Neil GillespieNonpartisan
Neil Kiernan StephensonGreen Party
Neil SandageRepublican Party
Nelson FelicianoNonpartisan
Nevin KamathNonpartisan
Nicholas BillerIndependent
Nicholas CramerNonpartisan
Nicholas DumasNonpartisan
Nicholas EvansRepublican Party
Nicholas RoeslerIndependent
Nicholas Ryan OcampoDemocratic Party
Nicholas SunderbruchCommunist Party
Nicholas XimenezOther
Niles AyerDemocratic Party
Nita Mildred RiceDemocratic Party
Noah BunyanDemocratic Party
Noah OlaniyiOther
Nyle Benjamin LaytonLibertarian Party
Oatice ThomasRepublican Party
Oren ClarkNonpartisan
Oscar HillikerIndependence Party
Paij BoringRepublican Party
Pamela Danelle RockerDemocratic Party
Pamela GomezDemocratic Party
Pamela LaPorteNonpartisan
Pamela M. Pinkney ButtsNonpartisan
Patricia ChandlerRepublican Party
Patricia GrantIndependent
Patricia NicklausRepublican Party
Patricia YueNonpartisan
Patrick Allen CopeRepublican Party
Patrick Anthony DrakeNonpartisan
Patrick H. JoDemocratic Party
Patrick LittleRepublican Party
Patrick McCarthyDemocratic Party
Patrick Michael MichaudNonpartisan
Patrick Michael WhiteIndependent
Patrick Robert MillerIndependent
Paul Augustine CarluccioDemocratic Party
Paul Donald CauittIndependent
Paul George PresteRepublican Party
Paul HaleIndependent
Paul KangasDemocratic Party
Paul Louis SylvesterNonpartisan
Paul MacchiaOther
Paul Matthew King BroughIndependent
Paul O’NeillNonpartisan
Paul ShellyIndependent
Paul WelchDemocratic Party
Paul WillmonNonpartisan
Pete ButtigiegDemocratic Party
Peter Anthony HovisIndependent
Peter HamillNonpartisan
Peter SherrillRepublican Party
Phil CollinsProhibition Party
Phil GrayLibertarian Party
Philip CorteseNonpartisan
Philip FrazeeNonpartisan
Philip HenkeDemocratic Party
Phillip Karl SpeatIndependent
Phillip SealesDemocratic-Farmer Labor Party
Phillip SharpeNonpartisan
Precious BadranDemocratic Party
President BoddieC.U.P.
President CaesarDemocratic Party
Princess Khadijah M. Pres Jacob-FambroIndependent
Princess OawlawolwaolDemocratic Party
Rachel Candy WyattIndependence Party
Rachel DavisConstitution Party
Rachel OsterbachNonpartisan
Radomir Vojtech LuzaDemocratic Party
Raeford Gamelle Smith Sr.Independent
Ramie ChavezRepublican Party
Ramona Elizabeth MayonNonpartisan
Ramon PerezIndependence Party
Randall NallsDemocratic Party
Raoul A. EstradaNonpartisan
Rasharnda S. TeixeiraNonpartisan
Ray Madrigal De Pancho VillaDemocratic Party
Raymond BabaianIndependent
Raymond GonzalezNonpartisan
Raymond HaigoodIndependent
Raymond J. SeneyDemocratic Party
Raynette Kennedy WeissDemocratic Party
Razan AmmariIndependent
R. Dennis MooreDemocratic Party
Rhett Rosenquest SmithLibertarian Party
Rhett Wilkinson MeierGreen Party
Richard Charles MoncadaIndependent
Richard D. CooperDemocratic Party
Richard Dustin KelserNonpartisan
Richard Hampton HendryNonpartisan
Richard HobbsRepublican Party
Richard Lyons WeilDemocratic Party
Richard MontgomeryIndependent
Richard OjedaDemocratic Party
Richard PenningtonUnaffiliated
Rickey MorrisLibertarian Party
Ricky Dale WoolardIndependent
Rico Cortez DukesAmerican Independent Party
Rita KrichevskyDemocratic Party
Robert AkersNonpartisan
Robert ArdiniRepublican Party
Robert Bradford Lee AcordDemocratic Party
Robert Carr Wells Jr.Democratic Party
Robert DevollIndependence Party
Robert Eugene PichNonpartisan
Robert Eugene SmithRepublican Party
Robert GarciaNonpartisan
Robert HumphreyIndependent
Robert Ion MoldafskyDemocratic Party
Robert James ThomasIndependent
Robert JordanDemocratic Party
Robert JosephDemocratic Party
Robert KamererIndependent
Robert L. JacksonDemocratic Party
Robert ManningIndependent
Robert McGeeRepublican Party
Robert MoserNonpartisan
Robert Simon Shaw IVDemocratic Party
Robert StandDemocratic Party
Robert TolbertDemocratic Party
Robert Washington Cooper Jr.Independent
Robert William SanderaDemocratic Party
Robin DernDemocratic Party
Robin PlanteNonpartisan
Rodger Lee RooseDemocratic Party
Rodney PickensReform Party
Roger Chaney Jr.Democratic Party
Roger Stephen Du PontIndependent
Roland AranjoGreen Party
Rome VibeIndependent
Ronald BushDemocratic Party
Ronald Muwereza Lutalo Sr.Republican Party
Ronald Satish EmritDemocratic Party
Ronald SmithDemocratic Party
Ronnie BlakleyNonpartisan
Roque De La FuenteRepublican Party
Roque De La Fuente IIIDemocratic Party
Rosalind Francina GreeneDemocratic Party
Rose KincadeNonpartisan
Roshir WestenNonpartisan
Roy SnyderIndependent
Ruben Valles Jr.Independent
Rudy Edward GomezDemocratic Party
Rugar MimsIndependent
Ryan AckerNonpartisan
Ryan Andrew FarberDemocratic Party
Ryan Hunter YollinDemocratic Party
Ryan JacksonLibertarian Party
Ryan McDougalNonpartisan
Ryan Nicholas Von BevernDemocratic Party
Ryan NybergNonpartisan
Ryan Stephen EhrenreichDemocratic Party
Salvador QuirozNonpartisan
Sammi SaarRepublican Party
Sammy BeltonIndependent
Sammy GarretIndependent
Sam SloanDemocratic Party
Samuel B. HoffIndependent
Samuel CarswellAlaskan Independence Party
Samuel CassibaDemocratic Party
Samuel D’AmicoReform Party
Samuel GirdichIndependent
Samuel Joseph RobbLibertarian Party
Samuel Lyndell PowellIndependent
Samuel MorissonIndependent
Sanderson BeckDemocratic Party
Sandra Queen NobleNonpartisan
Sarah Angelo-HaightIndependent
Saul Williams IIIDemocratic Party
Scooter YorkSocialist Workers Party
Scott BradfordIndependent
Scott Eldon FulkIndependent
Scott McCattyNonpartisan
Scott Wayne KlinkhammerIndependent
Sean CollinsonIndependent
Sean WestIndependent
Sebastian Austin StewartRepublican Party
Sedinam Moyowasifza-CurryGreen Party
Sesbastian CosmeAmerican Independent Conservative Party
Seth MoultonDemocratic Party
Sexy VeganIndependent
Seymour Art LeeLibertarian Party
Shane MeehanDemocratic Party
Shannon HazzardDemocratic Party
Sharmin Lynn SmithDemocratic Party
Shaun McCutcheonLibertarian Party
Shawn BacharIndependence Party
Shawn ChrystalVeterans Party of America Party
Shawn CrossUnaffiliated
Shawn DeBoiUnaffiliated
Shawn Erin DugginsUnaffiliated
Shawn JonesNonpartisan
Shawn LamberthIndependent
Shawn RundbladeDemocratic Party
Shawn W. HowardIndependent
Shay ZagoIndependent
Sheila TittleIndependent
Sherry MalloryDemocratic Party
Simon EdmondsDemocratic Party
Simon MedekNonpartisan
Sky BolesIndependent
Soniacarmen ArcelayNonpartisan
Sonia IngramRepublican Party
Sorinne ArdeleanuIndependent
Souraya FaasLibertarian Party
Spencer Eric SnyderRepublican Party
Stephan Blake AshbyLibertarian Party
Stephanie Simon St. LouisDemocratic Party
Stephen Bradley Comley Sr.Republican Party
Stephen DoyleIndependent
Stephen LyneIndependent
Stephen Lyons Sr.Republican Party
Stephen Michael PattersonDemocratic Party
Stephen SchraderLibertarian Party
Stetson HardwickDemocratic Party
Steve BullockDemocratic Party
Steven Allen RicheyLibertarian Party
Steven Douglas SharpRepublican Party
Steven Floyd LongRepublican Party
Steven Jay YoungNonpartisan
Steven Jon JollyIndependent
Steven SeguraNonpartisan
Stone NickelsonIndependent
Stuart Lee KiehlDemocratic Party
Susan B. LochockiGreen Party
Susan KerrIndependence Party
Susanne AtanusDemocratic Party
Susan ReschDemocratic Party
Sydia KostrebaAmerican Independent Party
Take JonesIndependent
Talalupe Fonzie VavaoDemocratic Party
Tambra RichardsonIndependence Party
Taylor ClevelandIndependent American Party
Taylor RobertsUnaffiliated
Temperance Lance-CouncilNonpartisan
Terence Roger JamesDemocratic Party
Teresa BurchellRepublican Party
Terrance James HarveyRepublican Party
Terry Roger Beardsley IIIndependence Party
Terry Wayne WheelockIndependent
Terry WilkersonLibertarian Party
Theodore Millard CrisellDemocratic Party
Theodore MukamalIndependent
Thomas BassettNonpartisan
Thomas BradfordRepublican Party
Thomas Francis WinterbottomDemocratic Party
Thomas JonesIndependent
Thomas Jon ShackettUnaffiliated
Thomas Joseph BoyleDemocratic Party
Thomas McCartneyNonpartisan
Thomas Salzillo JamesIndependent
Thomas WilliamsNonpartisan
Timmy StricklandIndependent
Timothy Charles KalemkarianRepublican Party
Timothy D. BreedenNonpartisan
Timothy GeislerIndependent
Timothy Matthew ColopyIndependent
Timothy MeeksIndependent
Timothy Michael VillariRepublican Party
Timothy Simmons DimsdaleIndependent Conservative Democratic Party
Tim RyanDemocratic Party
Tina BaylorNonpartisan
Tina Jayne HahnIndependent
Tina Marie GuestNonpartisan
Tirell Alexander Maxwell CliftonDemocratic Party
Todd MichaelRepublican Party
Tom CatalanoOther
Tom KawczynskiRepublican Party
Tom SteyerDemocratic Party
Tony MaggioreIndependent
Travis Lee StevensonRepublican Party
Travis McKeeRepublican Party
Trevor KoobRepublican Party
Troy LamontIndependent
Troy VossIndependent
Tulsi GabbardDemocratic Party
Tyler BarnaDemocratic Party
Tyrell J. HeatonDemocratic Party
Tyrone FairchildIndependent
Tyrone Moody Jr.Democratic Party
Valerie Lin McCrayIndependent
Vanessa McGee-Smith KearneyIndependent
Vector Path HastingDemocratic Party
Vermin SupremeLibertarian Party
Vern HahnIndependent
Veronica Ronnie FullerIndependent
Verquetta TillmanLiberal Party
Victor CarterIndependent
Vlad LenDemocratic-Farmer Labor Party
Walter Anderson Jr.Independent
Walter IwachiwRepublican Party
Walter Randall BannisterRepublican Party
Wanda DiggsNonpartisan
Wanda Gayle DuckwaldRepublican Party
Wanda OdomRepublican Party
Warren EngellNonpartisan
Warren HayesUnaffiliated
Warren LeeDemocratic Party
Warren Lee WeismanNonpartisan
Wayne MessamDemocratic Party
Wayne PopeDemocratic Party
Wednesday Alexandra GreenDemocratic Party
William Carl EganRepublican Party
William Ernest Bowhall Jr.Nonpartisan
William FarmsIndependent
William FeegbehNonpartisan
William GaskillRepublican Party
William HopeDemocratic Party
William Joseph HurstLibertarian Party
William LiffordNonpartisan
William L. WallaceIndependent
William MoseleyIndependent
William Scott ShumateNonpartisan
Willie Dishaun PerkinsAmerican Independent Party
Willie Felix CarterDemocratic Party
Willita D. BushIndependent
Yehanna Joan MaloneRepublican Party
Zachary BurdRepublican Party
Zoilo AdaliaDesert Green Party
Zoltan Gyurko IstvanRepublican Party

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